What is Sandplay therapy?

a sandtray

In the 1950s, Drs Dora M. Kalff and Margaret Lowenfeld combined the Jungian use of symbology and archetypes, with an invented apparatus to create Sandplay Therapy. Sandplay is a modality where the focus is upon the experience itself and there is an assumption that a person’s psyche can and will, heal itself. Every therapy session is unique and creative, allowing clients to investigate and act out conflict and aspects of what Jung referred to as their shadow side.

Although originally conceived for working with children, Sandplay is equally effective with adults either as individuals, couples or families.


p align=”left”>In my experience, Sandplay therapy is suitable for everyone and I offer it to all clients who come for counselling. A typical session will last one hour, during which the client will complete their sandtray and tell me their story.

Through my guidance, various objects may then be moved about or their meanings reconsidered. It is not uncommon for clients to dream vividly after therapy, as they unconsciously continue to explore their created world.

Sandplay therapy is suitable for anyone interested in emotional healing or greater understanding of themselves. If you are interested in knowing more about this fascinating therapy or wondering if it may be suitable for you, please contact me for more details.

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