Treatment of Bed Wetting or Nocturnal Enuresis

stylised drawing of a sleeping child

Hypnotherapy is both a natural and effective solution to your child’s bedwetting problem, which is the cause of untold misery to both child and parents. The endless washing of sheets and ruined mattresses and witnessing your child’s own dejection and disappointment, the problem just seems unsolvable and desperate.

Your child will suffer in many different ways, but possibly the worst issue is the damage to their self-esteem. They feel they should have outgrown what they see as a babyish problem, and can feel ashamed, depressed, and angry with themselves or others, and a failure.  Sleep is often broken with the need to change wet bedclothes or pyjamas, so they become more tired and irritable.

And there is the ever-present sense of failure along with a need to go to extraordinary lengths to hide the bed wetting from friends and, sometimes even other members of the family.

Children under the age of twelve are usually very good hypnotic subjects, and can easily learn about ‘dryness’. Hypnotherapy is much less invasive than most other treatments such as bed-alarms, medication or incontinence pants (which are generally not helpful).


Hypnotherapy is gentle, natural and safe and uses your child’s imaginative powers to change their expectations of failure, into success. It will increase their self-confidence as they achieve ‘dry nights’ and will bring back self-control and self-respect.

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