Depression Treatment with Hypnotherapy

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The symptoms of depression are wide ranging but may include:

  • Apathy, an inability to make decisions or carry them through
  • Constant weeping and sadness
  • Constant tiredness no matter how much rest you have
  • Chronic insomnia
  • Lack of appetite and libido
  • An inability to just get out of bed

Depression can be a reactive response to a situation such as the loss of a loved one or a job, or it may be associated with other types of mental illness e.g. bipolar. Sometimes it can be a case of simply being overwhelmed by life and unable to cope. Depression is a normal reaction of the brain and body, just like anxiety. The human mind can only cope with so much at any given time and when it has used up all its coping mechanisms the brain naturally goes into overwhelm mode. Symptoms can be treated by medication but this doesnu2019t treat the underlying causes of depression. Relaxation techniques and positive affirmations also have only limited success.

The most successful treatment for depression, whether it is situational or associated with other issues, is hypno-psychotherapy which combines hypnosis with professional counselling.

How does hypnotherapy help treat depression?

  • It treats the whole person, 100% of the mind. Your conscious mind is only 10% of your whole self so hypnotherapy addresses the other 90%
  • After a significant loss in a personu2019s life, they may have what Dr Fritz Perls called u2018unfinished businessu2019 with whatever has been lost. This may be a person, a job, a home etc. These unresolved feelings, such as regret, blame, anger, guilt and fear are stored in the body and must be released as soon as possible after theu00a0triggering event. Otherwise they may become deeply buried beneath the numbness created by anti-depressant drugs, and the concurrent repression that occurs when trauma and grief go untreated.
  • Hypnotherapy removes the underlying basis of depression and completes the u2018unfinished businessu2019, that otherwise may continue to recycle as self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours.
  • It can reach the deepest level of traumatic experiences, memories and stored emotions to release them from the subconscious mind, even in cases of major depressive disorders.

Clinical hypnotherapy has been proven to be extremely beneficial in all types of depressive disorders, especially when combined with psychotherapy. u00a0It is will often have immediate positive benefits, allowing the depressed person to sleep better, feel less flat and begin to enjoy life again.

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