Anxiety & Panic Attacks

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The use of hypnotherapy has a long successful history in the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks. These are primarily a physiological response, rather than a psychological one and the “fight or flight” response is generally the cause of the extreme anxiety. Hypnotherapy reverses the “fight or flight” response, by triggering the opposite “relaxation response”.

Panic attacks generally start after you have had a heightened “fight or flight” response even though you may not consciously be aware of any specific cause. Often they are an accumulation of several anxiety provoking experiences. This response can be so powerful, that simply thinking about a panic attack can cause all of the feelings to return, resulting in yet another attack. It can seem that there is no way to break the cycle, the more you think about your anxiety, then the more it increases.

If you suffer anxiety or panic attacks, the most important thing you need to know is that hypnotherapy can change the way you think and feel and the way that your body responds. You can also learn techniques of self-hypnosis that will allow you to regain control over the anxiety response. Understanding how anxiety and panic actually work and learning how to effectively control the feelings they evoke, is the key to permanently overcoming anxiety.


Combining hypnotherapy with psychotherapy, is the most effective way to make long term permanent changes. Most other approaches, including drugs and counselling alone, mainly treat the symptoms of anxiety and if only the anxiety symptoms are addressed, the original root cause of the anxiety may still remain. Hypno-psychotherapy will address your symptoms immediately and change the anxiety responses, on a permanent basis.

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