Addictive Behaviour

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During hypnotherapy, I use techniques that are specifically created to stop self-sabotage, achieve greater self-esteem and confidence, release trauma and redirect the neural networks in the brain. All of these techniques have proven success in permanently changing all addictive behaviours.

I don’t believe that you have to be an addict for life and calling yourself an addict or alcoholic, is a constant reinforcement of your weakness. Repetition of the statement increases one’s susceptibility to relapse, and all the negative memories and neural connections in the brain are constantly being re-ignited.

No-one wishes to continue calling themselves a victim after dealing with abuse that has traumatized them in the past. They become a survivor.

Hypnotherapy allows you to stop owning the identity of being an addict or a victim.

Hypnosis changes a person’s deepest beliefs about who they are. It encourages you to be powerful, healthy and in control by working on core issues of fear, failure and low self-esteem. By changing the way in which you react to past memories and traumas, cravings for drugs or alcohol can be stopped.

To end addiction, people need to acquire positive beliefs and unlike AA or NA, hypnotherapy allows you to stop seeing yourself as an addict, but as a healthy person who has the motivation and goals to stay clean and sober. Someone who believes in themselves and has let go of the past.

If you are ready to let go of the identity of an addict, no matter what the addict has been, talk to me about hypnotherapy and how it can help you.

Some of the addictive behaviours which hypnotherapy may be of assistance in treating include; smoking, alcohol, drugs, internet porn, destructive relationships, sex, exercise and many more.

Here’s an interesting article about stopping smoking.

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