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Ericksonian naturalistic clinical hypnotherapy, developed primarily by Milton Erickson, is vastly different to the type of hypnosis practised by stage hypnotherapists. Trance states are natural human experiences which can happen spontaneously during trauma, meditation or intense concentration.  During a hypnotherapy session trance is induced naturally allowing you to access the ability to create your own solutions to problems. At no time, can you be influenced to do something that you really don’t want to do.

Hypnotherapy is a natural relaxed condition in which most people remain fully aware of their surroundings. It is as easy and natural as your breathing and indeed, 15 mins of hypnosis can be equivalent to 1 hour’s peaceful sleep, which means that most clients find hypnosis is relaxing and enjoyable. There are 3 levels of trance from light to deep but you do not have to achieve a deep trance to achieve benefits and you do not have to believe in hypnosis, for it to work.

Many problems, such as maintaining the will power to stop smoking, can be resolved in 1 -3 sessions, while other issues may require longer treatment. Every person is unique and every session will also be uniquely tailored to fit your needs. You determine the goals, the time frame to attain them and I collaborate by providing the tools to help you achieve them.

Because I am also a qualified and experienced psychotherapist (read qualifications here), with a Master’s degree in Counselling & Applied Psychotherapy, I am able to help you with many other issues beyond weight loss or stop smoking and you have the option of combined hypnotherapy and psychotherapy sessions. I specialise in using hypno – psychotherapy to deal with:

  • Trauma and abuse
  • Loss or bereavement
  • Anger
  • Fertility
  • Impotence
  • Gender and sexuality issues
  • Eating disorders

Other areas where hypnotherapy can help include:

  • Fear of flying
  • Performance /stage fright
  • Weight loss/ body reshaping
  • Sleep disorders / snoring

…and many other areas! Just ask me if you have a problem not listed here.

Carole's consultations are Covid Safe
Carole's consultations are Covid Safe

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

The Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, has advised that “ALL allied health businesses nationally can continue working and are encouraged to do”. He has encouraged providers to continue vital face-to-face services where possible.

These are challenging times for everyone, but your personal and relationship issues continue to need assistance. My practice is still open for hypnotherapy and individual or relationship counselling, including Rekindle the Love workshops.

If you are sick or have come into contact with the Coronavirus at any point, and/or if you have recently been overseas, please stay at home and contact me on 0407 009 050 to reschedule your appointment.

The safety of my clients and wider community is of utmost importance to me, and my home-based clinic is fully compliant with the new social distancing rules and hygiene practices. I have ensured that appointments are staggered so that you and your partner, where appropriate, are the only clients visiting my practice, at any one time.

Video and tele-consult sessions are available for both individuals and couples, including a program for couples to complete a Rekindle the Love workshop, online.

Please contact me for more information.

Coronavirus and social isolation will add to existing pressure points on relationships, so don’t let your marriage become a coronavirus casualty.

Read the article by Hayley Gleeson of the ABC “How to stay married through Coronavirus“.

I thank you for your continued support in these uncertain times and know that together we will get through this.