Domestic violence

digital artwork depicting domestic violence

I thought his jealousy and constant over-protectiveness was romantic at first I realise now that this was just another way to control me. I was only property.

- Survivor from an emotionally abusive relationship

There is no place within a healthy relationship for abuse of any kind.

Whether this is verbal, psychological or physical if you, or your partner, have become abusive, then don’t delay in seeking further help.Sometimes people under stress, behave in ways that they later regret and by learning to identify the triggers for their behaviour, they are more likely to find a better way to deal with these issues in the future.

Abuse towards your partner can never be condoned but counselling can help the abuser to change their behaviour and the dynamics of the relationship better understood. Where there is ongoing abuse during a relationship, couple counselling may not be appropriate. However, please talk to me about your options, and I will endeavour to assist you both in finding a way to change the parameters of the relationship.

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