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Hypnotic Reiki

As a practitioner of both Hypnotherapy and Reiki, I am able to offer a healing modality which beautifully combines both of these powerful healing techniques, in a method which I call Hypnotic Reiki.

Reiki means ‘universal life energy’ and is a Japanese healing method which works by non-invasively transferring this healing energy through laying on of hands. Reiki puts the body and mind into the kind of deep relaxation that revitalises the body’s cells to facilitate healing.

Each treatment method has been found to be extremely effective in producing healing on all levels, physical, emotional and psychological. So, when both methods are used in collaboration, the healing potential that can be achieved with a Hypnotic Reiki treatment is far greater than that of a Hypnotherapy or Reiki treatment alone.

During a session, hypnosis is conducted first because in this hypnotic state you are able to receive positive insinuations and suggestions which serve as an initial step towards positive changes. I then send Reiki energy to each chakra to clear blockages and expand the energy centres. I may continue to apply hypnosis during the Reiki treatment or focus solely upon energy healing, depending upon what is required for each treatment.

Benefits of Hypnotic Reiki:

This modality enhances physical and psychological healing and promotes the sense of mental clarity and calmness. Hypnotic Reiki helps you to let go of old emotions such as anger, anxiety, phobias, depression and dysfunctional behaviour patterns.

By combining 2 powerful techniques, positive changes are quicker, deeper and longer lasting than Reiki or Hypnotherapy alone.

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