Individual counselling or hypnotherapy sessions generally last for one hour although longer sessions can be booked if required. However, for both hypno-psychotherapy sessions and for your first hypnotherapy session, please allow 1 1/2 hours.

For many issues, such as ‘stop smoking’, 2 -3 sessions of hypnotherapy may be sufficient. Generally, however, hypno-psychotherapy & psychotherapy will require longer periods of therapy.  Some clients find that six sessions are sufficient to make the changes that they desire, others with major trauma issues may continue therapy intermittently for years. Unlike many psychologists, I do not limit the number of sessions that you can have with me.

I offer discounted fees for clients with low incomes. Thresholds to determine this are listed below, but if you cannot afford to pay even the discounted fees shown here, please do not be deterred from seeking counselling or hypnotherapy. It may be possible to agree on a lower fee until your personal circumstances change.

Income Thresholds for Reduced Fees:

With a personal income < $40,000 pa
With a household income < $60,000 pa



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Clinic fees for Individuals:

Counselling /psychotherapy

(1 hour)

  • $90 (full fee)
  • $75 (reduced fee)

Hypnotherapy only

(1 hour)

  • $90 (full fee)
  • $75 (reduced fee)


(1 1/2 hours)

  • $115 (full fee)
  • $90 (reduced fee)

Clinic fees for Couples:


The first session must be for 2 hours

  • 2 hours $230 (full fee)
  • 2 hours $180 (reduced fee)

Thereafter, individual sessions will be charged as below:

  • $115 per hour (full fee)
  • $90 per hour (reduced fee)


Health Fund Rebates Are Available For Hypnotherapy & Hypno-Psychotherapy Sessions

All fees include GST

Online Counselling & Psychotherapy Fees:

Sessions are also available via online video conferencing. This means that you do not need to be able to attend in person, but have the advantage of a face to face conversation rather than the impersonal medium of telephone. These online video chat sessions are available for both existing and new clients.

For information about this service, click here.

All online clinic fees:


  • $90 per hour

  • $115 per hour



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