Mediation / Conflict resolution

illustration of the concept of mediation with coloured chess pieces


            'If your relationship is showing early warning signs of problems, it is time to seek advice.

Mediation may be the answer as it can assist you to identify practical issues and clarify how these can be resolved before they become serious enough to warrant relationship counselling.’

  • Do you constantly disagree over every issue, from whose turn it is to cook, to how your joint finances are handled?
  • Do you never come to an agreement over these problems because its causes too much stress to your relationship?
  • Is your relationship otherwise strong and loving, but you just can’t agree how to handle day-to-day problems?

Sometimes you don’t need a relationship counsellor, but a mediator, to help you to establish boundaries, rules and responsibilities. Mediation can be arranged for a multitude of issues that are not major in themselves, but may begin to erode an otherwise healthy couple’s relationship. These sessions also include the learning of better communication techniques with your partner in order to be able to resolve problems by yourselves, in the future.

If you think that this is what you need, please contact me for a confidential discussion about the  issues, in order to determine if mediation or counselling is the best option for you.

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