Are you a Vampire or Zombie?

Free Relationship Quiz

Are you a ‘Zombie’ or a ‘Vampire’?

Examining the Paranormal in your Relationship

Everyone wants to be in a safe, loving and compatible relationship, but ‘Zombies’ & ‘Vampires’ have different needs. Do you know if your relationship is compatible? How will this affect you as a couple?

Take this fun and insightful relationship quiz with a difference, and answer yes or no to the following questions to find out your personality type. Then ask your partner to take the quiz too, so you can compare scores and compatibility.

Do you think the result reflects your true personality? What about your partner?

If you feel that your non-compatible ‘personalities’ cause problems ion your relationship, perhaps a Relationship Rescue Retreat is what you both need.

Contact Carole if you want to talk.

The ‘Are you a ‘Zombie’ or a ‘Vampire’?‘quiz is the property of Carole Kelly © 2016


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